Are Viagra Boys the Next Post-Punk Torch Bearers?

January 21, 2021 wluwfmchicago 0

By K. Jackson Hamrick With a name like Viagra Boys and the album title Welfare Jazz, the music could either be heavy punk rock, or druggy jazz fusion. On their second full length LP, Viagra Boys make a case for why they should be everyone’s new favorite hardcore, post-punk band.  […]

Ian Sweet Shares Most Vulnerable Songs Yet Ahead of Third Album

January 15, 2021 wluwfmchicago 0

Reviewed by Genevieve Kyle On January 12th, Jilian Medford who operates under the artistic name Ian Sweet, dropped her new EP entitled Drink The Lake. These songs are a preview into the singer-songwriter’s forthcoming third album, ​Show Me How You Disappear. “Drink The Lake” and its accompanying tracks are a perfect […]

WLUW’s Top Albums of 2020

January 3, 2021 wluwfmchicago 0

Hooray! We made it through 2020! And what a year it was, with a pandemic and all the subsequent changes in the world. For us at WLUW, music helped the staff and listeners get through it all. New projects and albums from favorite and upcoming musicians were the highlight to […]

WLUW Recommends: Bandcamp Friday

December 4, 2020 wluwfmchicago 0

By: Lauren Neher In the age of sharing Spotify Wrapped screenshots on social media, the final Bandcamp Friday of 2020 arrives at the perfect time. You know the deal: today only, 100% of the revenue from purchases made on the site will go to the musicians. The platform also allows […]