The Sound of koleżanka’s Mind at SXSW 2023

Kristina A.K.A. koleżanka met up with Aly of WLUW to discuss the writing process of  her album 'Alone with the Sound the Mind Makes,' the unexpected influences behind it, and the origins of koleżanka. Check out the interview Below! Make sure to check out koleżanka on instagram and her most recent album, 'Alone with the Sound the Mind Makes' below! Interview conducted by Aly Westrin Audio and video done by Ian Keller

WLUW Takes On SXSW 2023

March 13th through the 19th, WLUW is set to take on SXSW for the first time ever! The festival showcases well-known artists like The Zombies, New Order, and The Lemon Twigs, but their focus lies on the massive lineup of independent artists–a lot of which frequent the WLUW airwaves. We’ve been preparing for the festival and the lineup by listening to a generously curated Lineup Playlist created by SXSW. We went ahead and made our own … Continue reading WLUW Takes On SXSW 2023

Kid Sistr talks Riot Fest, Musical Influence, and More!

Interview conducted by Jess Post. Audio by Erik Anderson. Camera by Makenzie Creden. Photos by Jess Dominguez. Each year WLUW staff takes a trip to Douglas Park to hi-light some of the best artist performing at Riot Fest. This year was no different as we had the pleasure of chatting with New York based band: Kid Sistr. The indie pop group performed with raw energy when they took the Rebel Stage a few Sundays ago. … Continue reading Kid Sistr talks Riot Fest, Musical Influence, and More!

Artists to See at Riot Fest 2022

Set to take place this weekend September 16-18th WLUW is ready to take on Riot Fest once again. Headliners such as Sunny Day Real Estate, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Nine Inch Nails, My Chemical Romance, and Sleater-Kinny will be rocking the stage all weekend long. Whether you’re looking for some pop-punk acts, OG riot grrls, or up and coming artists, Riot Fest has got it covered.   Check out some of our staff’s favorite Riot Fest 2022 … Continue reading Artists to See at Riot Fest 2022