The Magic of Slow Pulp

Photo by Ciara Belfiore at Slow Pulp's Thalia Hall show Ciara Belfiore, of WLUW, spoke with Slow Pulp’s lead singer, Emily Massey, ahead of their final shows in Wisconsin and Chicago. Slow Pulp is now Chicago-based but grew up in Madison, WI. In the past few years they’ve been on rise, quickly becoming a favorite in the indie scene. In October they released their second album, “Yard”, a blend of hazy guitar riffs and emotional … Continue reading The Magic of Slow Pulp

Making Music Sweeter with Easy Honey: An Inside Look on the Band’s Headline Tour

photos and article by Niamh Nugent Multicolored signs and posters captivate onlookers outside of Subterranean. Energy radiates from band members as they follow us to a quieter space where they will reveal the secrets behind their music. Ending up in a coffee shop, we have the honor to interview band members from Easy Honey. Originating from Sewanee, TN, this indie rock band was created by guitarist and singer, Darby McGlone and Selby Austin. Sharing their … Continue reading Making Music Sweeter with Easy Honey: An Inside Look on the Band’s Headline Tour

On Weird Billboards and Video Games with Powerplant

photo by Josie Stahler Just a few days into their first U.S. headline tour WLUW had the opportunity to sit down with London-based band Powerplant before their show at Empty Bottle. Here we spoke with the band about video games, the London music scene and strangely interesting American roadside scenery.  Interview conducted by: Josie Stahler Josie: Thank you guys for joining me. This is Josie from WLUW. I'm hanging out with Powerplant. Do you guys … Continue reading On Weird Billboards and Video Games with Powerplant

Sonic Stargazing with Orions Belte

Interview, Audio, Photo by Ian Keller Orions Belte is a psychedelic pop trio from Norway specializing in dreamy, groovy instrumental music. The band is made up of Øyvind Blomstrøm on guitar, Chris Holm on bass, and Kim Åge Furuhaug on drums. Releasing their debut album just over five years ago, the band has quickly made a name for themselves in their home country and internationally. Their latest record 'Women' was released earlier this month, and … Continue reading Sonic Stargazing with Orions Belte

Getting Groovy With Gatlin 

Photo and Interview by Bri Guntz Bri Guntz from WLUW sat down with Gatlin before her show at Schubas Tavern. They talked about Gatlin’s love for her cat (Binks), big feelings and touring.  Tell me about your musical background. How did you get started?  My parents, they flew in for the show today, but my dad always really loved music. And so it was always playing in the house and I was always just performing. … Continue reading Getting Groovy With Gatlin