Dry Cleaning Rocking the Bottle!

Photo by: Pooneh Ghana Article by: Emily Schwarz On a cold and windy Tuesday night, the silky and ethereal voice of Florence Shaw had the eyes and ears of the audience captivated as the deep, chuggy music filled the Empty Bottle. Hailing from London, Dry Cleaning brought a combination of melodic lyrics with energetic tones [...]

Crumb: A Night Only In My Dreams

Article and photo by: Milo Keranen On a chilly November night, people begin to fill the emblematic music theatre Metro in Wrigleyville — which is slowly awakening after its long hibernation during the pandemic. The fans filled up every nook and cranny of the concert hall, warming up via body heat and well, the bar. [...]

Deeper Rocks the Bottle

Article by: Kyle Smith Back on October 9th, it seemed like the day could not get any better after a fun day of music, food, and lots of dunk tanking at Thee Best Western – Empty Bottle’s ode to Western Ave in block party form. Deeper chose to cap off this whole day with a [...]