Yellow Days Sells Out Subterranean

April 11, 2018 wluwfmchicago 0

Yellow Days, otherwise known as George Van Den Broek, has crafted music that makes us think of better days to come. The 18-year-old, English artist reminds me of a blissed out King Krule. With rich, strong vocals Yellow Days sings about love, the cycle of life, depression and overcoming. From the […]

Crumb: Definitely Not Crumby Live

April 2, 2018 wluwfmchicago 0

Crumb, Combo Chimbita, & Slow Pulp at Beat Kitchen on April 2.  Setting out on their spring 2018 tour, the group of four musicians hailing from New York known as Crumb comes readily equipped with psychedelic jazz-influenced indie rock that really sets them apart from being just another up-and-coming band. Lead […]

Mamby on the Beach brings Local Talent to the Lake

March 7, 2018 wluwfmchicago 0

Whether you live in the Windy City or not, it’s a known fact that Chicago provides some of the most unique music festival experiences. From alternative rock to latin and even harsh noise, there’s a festival experience for every niche. Mamby on the Beach, presented by React, brings out the […]

React & WLUW Presents: Mr. Carmack At Chop Shop & Ist Ward

February 25, 2018 wluwfmchicago 0

Mr. Carmack at Chop Shop was unlike any concert I’ve been to before. Mr. Carmack’s ability to intricately string together genres and moods resulted in a beautiful concoction of jazzy contagious beats and synthy electronic goodness. The show seamlessly transitioned from one mood to another; the audience found themselves rapping […]

A Hot & Heavy Dance Party With Kitty & Ricky Eat Acid

January 30, 2018 wluwfmchicago 0

As I walked into the venue, the vibes were noticeably casual. The headliners, bounced around the venue, talking to local friends and fans while watching the opening act. Ricky Eat Acid moved swiftly through the crowd in a brown fur coat. But don’t be fooled by the name, the former […]

Iceland Airwaves Music Festival 2017

November 20, 2017 wluwfmchicago 0

The ice-cold wind touched my face as I stepped out of the airport. The sun had yet to rise and I had an hour to wait until I would head toward Reykjavik. I grabbed a cup of coffee, sat down, and waited. After waiting and scrolling aimlessly through my phone, […]