WLUW Chats with Common Holly at Audiotree Music Festival

Hailing from Montreal, Québec, Brigitte Naggar of Common Holly drove her way down to Kalamazoo, Michigan for Audiotree Festival 2018. We got the chance to sit down and chat with her and her producer Devon Bate about their work on Playing House, Common Holly’s 2017 release. In the interview, we discuss the process of creating the record, the history of Common Holly, and her personal connection to her music. Naggar sees a clear parallel between … Continue reading WLUW Chats with Common Holly at Audiotree Music Festival

Audiotree Music Festival 2018

WLUW spent this past weekend in Kalamazoo, Michigan at the 2018 Audiotree Music Festival! The festival is put on by Chicago based company Audiotree and brings indie rock and folk acts from across the US (and Canada), including some Chicago bands and WLUW favorites. Check out our coverage below of the different sets we saw and some pictures of the acts! And be on the lookout for some interviews conducted at the fest by WLUW team members Olivia … Continue reading Audiotree Music Festival 2018

5 Must See Acts At Audiotree Music Fest

In the heart of Kalamazoo, Michigan, Arcadia Creek Festival Place is home to the annual music fest, with a killer 2018 lineup that’s chock full of Chicago native bands due to Audiotree’s Chicago roots. Audiotree Music Festival is an event that packs quite the punch in a short span of time. The smaller size of venue and the specially curated acts are some of the things that makes Audiotree fest so unique. It goes without … Continue reading 5 Must See Acts At Audiotree Music Fest