Rocking Out With Diners

by Clara Copps Photo by Rachel Kehlee Lewis The excitement was tangible walking into Beat Kitchen Thursday night in anticipation of Diners, an indie rock band from Phoenix, Arizona. Frontperson Blue Broderick was manning the merch table during the first opener and handing out little business cards with fun facts and a Spotify link to their newest album, Domino. I had never seen anything like this before, and the attention to detail let me know … Continue reading Rocking Out With Diners

Shortly At The Beat Kitchen 9/2

Up-and-comers on the verge of greatness, Shortly is a name you should get used to hearing. Shortly was born in Detroit as the solo project of Alexandria Maniak, who now travels and plays shows with a full band of, at times, rotating members. Alex first released single “Matthew” in 2016, and has put out two other singles as well as recorded her debut EP, “Richmond,” in the years since. I first heard Shortly when they … Continue reading Shortly At The Beat Kitchen 9/2

Petal, Camp Cope, And Oceanator At Beat Kitchen

It’s a well known fact that the male dominance of the music industry attempts to keep the voices of women quiet. In the song “The Opener,” artist Georgia Maq of Camp Cope imitates this patriarchy with her lyrics “just get a female opener, that’ll fill the quota.” During their June 24th performance at the Beat Kitchen, Maq followed those lyrics by screaming “we’ve got a whole tour of them!” with a smile on her face. … Continue reading Petal, Camp Cope, And Oceanator At Beat Kitchen

Crumb: Definitely Not Crumby Live

Crumb, Combo Chimbita, & Slow Pulp at Beat Kitchen on April 2.  Setting out on their spring 2018 tour, the group of four musicians hailing from New York known as Crumb comes readily equipped with psychedelic jazz-influenced indie rock that really sets them apart from being just another up-and-coming band. Lead singer Lila Ramani’s smooth vocals paired with dreamy lyrics, laced with commentary regarding intimate thoughts and relationships delicately put into words – from “tell me … Continue reading Crumb: Definitely Not Crumby Live