The Mozart Immersive Exhibit is for Everyone!

Written By Imani Warren Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending the Mozart Immersive Exhibit here in downtown Chicago. The venue chosen reflected Mozart’s work as it was classic and antique. Walking into the exhibit is like stepping into another universe filled with child-like play and a view of the world. From a young age, Mozart was expected to be a high-achieving musician by his father. This curbed his childhood, robbing him of the … Continue reading The Mozart Immersive Exhibit is for Everyone!

Explore Your Voice With Tenci

Photo by Henry Hank Interview by Jess Dominguez and Olivia Best WLUW had a conversation with songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist Jess Shoman of Tenci shortly after the release of their second album A Swollen River, A Well Overflowing. Tenci is a staple to the tight-knit Chicago music scene, making waves by blending a country-esque sound with intimate songwriting. Jess let us in on her personal inspirations and how it’s reflected in Tenci’s one of a … Continue reading Explore Your Voice With Tenci