Catching Up With Deeper at Pitchfork ’23

Photo by Drake Sweeney Via Deeper's Instagram WLUW met up with Nic Gohl, Kevin Fairbairn, Shiraz Bhatti, and Drew Mcbribe of Deeper at Pitchfork 2023 to discuss inspirations, their album making process, their best party tricks, and what songs they have on repeat right now. Check out the interview below! Interview Conducted by Sarah Cline and Aly Westrin Aly: So take me back to the beginning of when you individually became interested in music. Was … Continue reading Catching Up With Deeper at Pitchfork ’23

Deeper Rocks the Bottle

Article by: Kyle Smith Back on October 9th, it seemed like the day could not get any better after a fun day of music, food, and lots of dunk tanking at Thee Best Western – Empty Bottle’s ode to Western Ave in block party form. Deeper chose to cap off this whole day with a performance to remember. As noted by the band during their show, it had been a while since Deeper played a … Continue reading Deeper Rocks the Bottle