Dreaming with Zilched at Empty Bottle

Zilched photographed by Josie Stahler Written by Josie Stahler It’s Wednesday night at Empty Bottle. Record hot temperatures fill the air outside, but that doesn’t stop fans from gathering at the beloved venue to see Zilched play Chicago. Fresh off the release of her album, Earthly Delights, Chloe Drallos set off for a two week tour across the United States featuring various musical guests. The Chicago stop included performances by Old Coke and Zastava. Despite … Continue reading Dreaming with Zilched at Empty Bottle

A Friday Night with Fran at Empty Bottle

Photo by Marie Renaud via Spotify Written by Kora Elms Fleming Friday, June 24th started as any other Friday summer would–sleeping in, grabbing anoverpriced coffee, and me texting my favorite concert buddy to join me for Fran’s show at the Empty Bottle. Embarrassingly, I have never been to a show at the iconic, intimate, Ukrainian Village venue. However, I knew this would change the second I saw a photo booth tucked in the corner. Peg, … Continue reading A Friday Night with Fran at Empty Bottle

Gustaf Gets Edgy at The Empty Bottle

Photo by Miles Kalchik By Aly Westrin The Brooklyn band, Gustaf, treated Chicago to a night of fun, punk, and danceable music at the Empty Bottle in West Town on Saturday, April 2nd. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when I arrived at the Empty Bottle, I knew this would be a home to good music. The walls peppered with stickers, bathrooms covered in murals and graffiti, and a pet cat, this place is … Continue reading Gustaf Gets Edgy at The Empty Bottle

Dry Cleaning Rocking the Bottle!

Photo by: Pooneh Ghana Article by: Emily Schwarz On a cold and windy Tuesday night, the silky and ethereal voice of Florence Shaw had the eyes and ears of the audience captivated as the deep, chuggy music filled the Empty Bottle. Hailing from London, Dry Cleaning brought a combination of melodic lyrics with energetic tones that had the entirety of the audience nodding their heads in a musical trance. Opening up the night was Detroit … Continue reading Dry Cleaning Rocking the Bottle!

Deeper Rocks the Bottle

Article by: Kyle Smith Back on October 9th, it seemed like the day could not get any better after a fun day of music, food, and lots of dunk tanking at Thee Best Western – Empty Bottle’s ode to Western Ave in block party form. Deeper chose to cap off this whole day with a performance to remember. As noted by the band during their show, it had been a while since Deeper played a … Continue reading Deeper Rocks the Bottle