Explore Your Voice With Tenci

Photo by Henry Hank Interview by Jess Dominguez and Olivia Best WLUW had a conversation with songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist Jess Shoman of Tenci shortly after the release of their second album A Swollen River, A Well Overflowing. Tenci is a staple to the tight-knit Chicago music scene, making waves by blending a country-esque sound with intimate songwriting. Jess let us in on her personal inspirations and how it’s reflected in Tenci’s one of a … Continue reading Explore Your Voice With Tenci

Release Recap: October 2022

This past October has been full of exciting releases from some staple artists in the indie scene. We saw the resurgence of bands that were a staple during the 2014 Tumblr era, reminding us that it's not just a phase! But besides that, WLUW staff wanted to make sure we covered some of our favorite albums on repeat during this spooky month. With that being said, make sure you check out these honorable mentions! Being … Continue reading Release Recap: October 2022

Kid Sistr talks Riot Fest, Musical Influence, and More!

Interview conducted by Jess Post. Audio by Erik Anderson. Camera by Makenzie Creden. Photos by Jess Dominguez. Each year WLUW staff takes a trip to Douglas Park to hi-light some of the best artist performing at Riot Fest. This year was no different as we had the pleasure of chatting with New York based band: Kid Sistr. The indie pop group performed with raw energy when they took the Rebel Stage a few Sundays ago. … Continue reading Kid Sistr talks Riot Fest, Musical Influence, and More!

The Beauty From Heartbreak: A talk With Burr Oak

Photo By Alexa Viscius Conducted by Jess Dominguez Over a month ago, Chicago based artist Burr Oak released their debut album Late Bloomer. Songwriter Savanna Dickhut is the voice behind indie folk band Burr Oak, as well as a preschool teacher. Savanna shared with WLUW what influences her songwriting filled with imagery, beauty, and heartbreak.  Late Bloomer was released almost a month ago (July 30th), who else makes up the band? Sure! So it’s me, … Continue reading The Beauty From Heartbreak: A talk With Burr Oak

A Chat with Chlöe Drallos from Zilched

Chloë Drallos photographed by Craigan Oster Interview conducted by Jess Dominguez Zilched is a band that intrigued me from the start. The honest lyrics and sometimes brutal noise-pop embodies teenage angst that will make you nostalgic. The Detroit rocker, Chloë Drallos, collaborated with drummer Nick Russo in releasing the debut album, Doompop, on October 23rd, 2020. Drallos shares the inspirations for her songwriting and creative visions relating to the production of the latest project. Congrats on the Audiotree live … Continue reading A Chat with Chlöe Drallos from Zilched