McKinley Dixon’s First Home Town Show

Photo and Article by Bri Guntz The sidewalk outside Schubas Tavern was crowded on September ninth as fans waited to enter to see McKinley Dixon perform. The show began with a local representative from the Prison Neighborhood Arts and Education Project (PNAP) named Orion Meadows opening the night with acts of spoken word. His first piece opened with the phrase, “Rhythm is life and life is rhythm.” His piece took on a style similar to … Continue reading McKinley Dixon’s First Home Town Show

Ratboys at Schubas Tavern

Photo by Alexa Viscius Written by Grace Wallace With temps reaching as high as 100 on Wednesday during the album release party,Friday’s 70-degree evening was a refreshing welcome for Chicagoans venturing to Schubas Tavern to see Ratboys perform in their tour kickoff. Opening the night was Hollow Bastion, an indie-rock project by lead singer Teagan. Songs like "Heaven Ain’t Even a Place" —“No offense to anyone that thinks it is!” joked the singer— set the … Continue reading Ratboys at Schubas Tavern

Dreaming with Zilched at Empty Bottle

Zilched photographed by Josie Stahler Written by Josie Stahler It’s Wednesday night at Empty Bottle. Record hot temperatures fill the air outside, but that doesn’t stop fans from gathering at the beloved venue to see Zilched play Chicago. Fresh off the release of her album, Earthly Delights, Chloe Drallos set off for a two week tour across the United States featuring various musical guests. The Chicago stop included performances by Old Coke and Zastava. Despite … Continue reading Dreaming with Zilched at Empty Bottle

Summer Storm Warning: M.A.G.S. Show at the Cobra Lounge

featuring an interview with Ehmed Nauman and Elliott Douglas Written by Kora Elms Fleming Thursday, August tenth I had the amazing opportunity to attend the M.A.G.S show at Cobra Lounge and interview Ehmed Nauman (heaven-sent guitar player AND recent Loyola grad) along with Elliott Douglas (lead singer of M.A.G.S). I came into the West Town venue after a long day of work but was immediately met with familiar faces. I caught up with Dasha Musil … Continue reading Summer Storm Warning: M.A.G.S. Show at the Cobra Lounge

Catching Up With Deeper at Pitchfork ’23

Photo by Drake Sweeney Via Deeper's Instagram WLUW met up with Nic Gohl, Kevin Fairbairn, Shiraz Bhatti, and Drew Mcbribe of Deeper at Pitchfork 2023 to discuss inspirations, their album making process, their best party tricks, and what songs they have on repeat right now. Check out the interview below! Interview Conducted by Sarah Cline and Aly Westrin Aly: So take me back to the beginning of when you individually became interested in music. Was … Continue reading Catching Up With Deeper at Pitchfork ’23