Modern Nun is Passing on Kindness

Article written by: Makenzie Creden Interview conducted by: Makenzie Creden and Emily Schwarz The Chicago indie-rock trio, Modern Nun, is here to pass on kindness and acceptance to their fans. Ahead of our show with the group on Thursday, we sat down with Edie (guitar and vocals), Lee (guitar), and Hailey (drums) to chat about what Modern nun means to them, the new EP, and being a queer band in the local scene. The new … Continue reading Modern Nun is Passing on Kindness

Dancing with Dante Elephante

Article and photo by: Justina Cufré The snow outside of Schubas Tavern fell like confetti as the warmth from the inside lured us in. Blue and purple lights onstage illuminated the instruments that would soon be used to produce awe-inducing sounds. Calming music bounced off the wooden floor, walls, and beams as the enthusiastic early comers of the crowd sat on the side, chatting with loved ones. The coziness of the environment invited a feeling … Continue reading Dancing with Dante Elephante

Neptune’s Core: The Local Teen Band You Won’t Want to Miss

Interview by: Makenzie Creden Photos are taken from the band's Instagram Neptune’s Core is bringing young, bright energy to the Chicago music scene. Made up of two sets of teen sisters, the indie rock band has released two albums thus far, with more to come. Their latest album, Evolving, was released in October of 2021 and includes everything from ballads to bangers. The group is lined up to play Tomorrow Never Knows later this month. … Continue reading Neptune’s Core: The Local Teen Band You Won’t Want to Miss