The Sound of koleżanka’s Mind at SXSW 2023

Kristina A.K.A. koleżanka met up with Aly of WLUW to discuss the writing process of  her album 'Alone with the Sound the Mind Makes,' the unexpected influences behind it, and the origins of koleżanka. Check out the interview Below! Make sure to check out koleżanka on instagram and her most recent album, 'Alone with the Sound the Mind Makes' below! Interview conducted by Aly Westrin Audio and video done by Ian Keller

When Life was a Still Life with ALASKALASKA at SXSW 2023

Ian of WLUW sits down with Lucinda John-Duarte and Fraser Smith of ALASKALASKA to discuss their latest record 'Still Life,' the origin of their band name, and how they make music that's as enjoyable on record as it is live. Check out the interview below! Make sure to check out ALASKALASKA on Instagram and their album 'Still Life' below! Interview Conducted by Ian Keller Audio by Ian Keller Video by Aly Westrin

Finding Humor in Hopelessness with Mynolia at SXSW 2023

Aly of WLUW met up with Mynolia at SXSW to discuss her new record 'All Things Heavy,' her inspirations, and how living around the world has influenced her music. Check out the interview below! Make sure to check out Mynolia on Instagram and check out her debut album 'All Things Heavy' Below! Interview Conducted by Aly Westrin Audio and Video by Ian Keller

A Chat With Colin Blunstone at SXSW 2023 Aly Westrin and Ian Keller of WLUW sit down for a chat with Colin Blunstone. While Attending SXSW, WLUW had the chance to sit down with one of the larger known artists, Colin Blunstone of The Zombies. The band, currently led by founding members, Colin Blunstone (vocalist) and Rod Argent (keyboardist), and joined by their drummer, Steve Rudford, guitarist, Tom Toomey, and their bassist and newest member, Søren Koch took on SXSW to premier … Continue reading A Chat With Colin Blunstone at SXSW 2023

WLUW Takes On SXSW 2023

March 13th through the 19th, WLUW is set to take on SXSW for the first time ever! The festival showcases well-known artists like The Zombies, New Order, and The Lemon Twigs, but their focus lies on the massive lineup of independent artists–a lot of which frequent the WLUW airwaves. We’ve been preparing for the festival and the lineup by listening to a generously curated Lineup Playlist created by SXSW. We went ahead and made our own … Continue reading WLUW Takes On SXSW 2023