Fruit Bats at Thalia Hall

Article and Photo by Aly Westrin  The infamous Thalia Hall, in the heart of Pilsen, filled with a crowd eager to see the Chicago native, Fruit Bats, on Friday, April 29th.   The show started at 8pm when the venue started filling up as the opener, Johanna Samuels, prepped the crowd for Fruit Bats by performing work from her newest album, Excelsior! , and sharing stories of her tour with the Fruit Bats so far. Alongside band … Continue reading Fruit Bats at Thalia Hall

Shannon & The Clams Deliver a Spiritedly Spooky Set at Thalia Hall

Article and Photography by: Sarah Cline After walking down a nearly silent street on a Tuesday night, stepping into the iconic Thalia Hall you’re surrounded by a noticeably electric atmosphere. The night kicks off with performances from two local Chicago artists, a neo-country set from Andrew Sa, and a bold alt-rock performance from Ohmme. The floor is packed with people in costumes, the band having asked fans to dress up for a costume contest they’ll … Continue reading Shannon & The Clams Deliver a Spiritedly Spooky Set at Thalia Hall

Interview with Hannah Jadagu

Photo By Denise Stephanie Interview conducted by Clara Copps Hannah Jadagu is a 19-year old singer, songwriter and producer from Mesquite, Texas who was signed to Sub Pop Records during summer 2020. This past spring she released her debut EP, What Is Going On? which features soft synths and deeply honest lyrics. Her clear voice adds to the bedroom-pop sound and it resonated beautifully throughout Thalia Hall this past Thursday.  Hannah was kind enough to … Continue reading Interview with Hannah Jadagu

Manwolves Electrify A Euphoric Crowd at Thalia Hall

By: Anaïs Turiello On a warm Thursday evening within the ornate walls of Thalia Hall, the energy was slowly building in the audience, soon to be in full eruption as Chicago’s very own, Manwolves took the stage.  Before they entered the spotlight, however,  another Chicago artist, Kari commanded our attention, bouncing between soothing R&B to lively Hip-Hop, causing the audience to wave their hands and raise their lighters. With a voice reminiscent of Chance The … Continue reading Manwolves Electrify A Euphoric Crowd at Thalia Hall