WLUW Presents King Tuff, Cut Worms And Sesami At Lincoln Hall 5/25

Lincoln Hall was blessed by the presence of King Tuff on Friday, May 25. His mixture of Ty Segall, Tame Impala and a hint of Bob Dylan gave the audience a great live sound, perfect for a dance and a drink. His latest album, ‘The Other’, was released just over a month before this show, giving  fans plenty of time to memorize their favorite tunes.

King Tuff’s openers, Sasami and Cutworms, held their ground on stage. While completely different from one another, they both emulated certain profound aspects of King Tuff’s work. Sasami owned the stage with a shoegaze vibe, similar to that of local Chicago band Buried in Yellow. Although Cutworms were a polar opposite. The ten-gallon hat on their bassist and happy little drummer boy (my nickname for him throughout the night) added to their already happy-go-lucky sound. Both openers drew the audience in and left the stage with eruptions of applause.

King Tuff dazzled the audience with a whinsicial entrance, fit for a king, of course. As odd bell noises circled around the room, he and his 5 piece band graced the stage. Opening with ‘The Other’, he appeared in a bedazzled ushanka hat and checkered tuxedo. Included in the band was none other than Sasami playing keyboard. Throughout the night, the band was not afraid to show their own personalities. Sasami whipped out a french horn. The guitarist and bassist danced around and jammed with King Tuff making even more solemn and stoic songs into a fascinating act. The room was a diverse group ranging from young teens girls seemingly at their first show to middle-aged dads rocking back and forth careful not to spill their beers. King Tuff’s music attracts audiences of all kinds because of his ability to recreate certain music with his own twist. This show was a perfect example of all kinds coming together for a unique sound and fantastic time.

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