Interview with Hannah Jadagu

Photo By Denise Stephanie Interview conducted by Clara Copps Hannah Jadagu is a 19-year old singer, songwriter and producer from Mesquite, Texas who was signed to Sub Pop Records during summer 2020. This past spring she released her debut EP, What Is Going On? which features soft synths and deeply honest lyrics. Her clear voice [...]

WLUW’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

You can support local Chicago venues, music stores and other organizations this holiday season by purchasing presents (for yourself or others) featured on our 2020 gift guide! This list isn't exhaustive, but here are a few businesses we wanted to highlight. Lincoln Hall & Schubas Tavern LH+Schubas has lots of merch on their site, including [...]

Kero Kero Bonito at Thalia Hall

The UK-based pop group, Kero Kero Bonito performed to an absolutely giddy crowd this past Thursday at Thalia Hall. The general consensus? It rocked. Thalia was bumpin’ with fans, clad in animal hats, KBB merch and rainbow-colored garb. I was bouncing off the energy given out by show-goers and felt an immediate change of pace [...]

WLUW Talks To Shannon & The Clams

On Halloween Night, WLUW team members Olivia Cerza and Scott Clancy got the spooky opportunity to sit down and talk with Oakland surfy punk band Shannon and the Clams. We spoke backstage before their bonanza at Chicgao's Thalia Hall, discussing topics like their latest album "Onion," touring, painting Hulk Hogan, reading, etc. Give it a read and [...]

Tyler Childers & Ona Play Thalia Hall

On Sunday, October 21, Tyler Childers’ performed his first headlining tour at Thalia Hall with ONA as the opener. As an ex-country music concert goer, I was looking forward to a night of nostalgia, but it turned out to be more than that.  From the moment I walked into one of my favorite venues in Chicago, [...]