The Jury’s In: Kangaroo Court Electrifies Audience at Lincoln Hall

Article and Photos by Matt Sorce

Hours after releasing their first album, This is Kangaroo Court, the self-described ‘four-piece garage punk band,’ Kangaroo Court, took the stage at Lincoln Hall to perform their debut psychedelic rock masterpiece.

Formed early 2020s in Urbana, Illinois, the four-piece band garnered a dedicated audience after only releasing three singles. Although, it’s hard to be surprised, as each track feels professionally produced and mastered, despite the band’s indie status.

Frontman Jake Luce, along with Garrett Frank (guitar), Cody Spiezio (drums), and Noah Tennison (bass), took the stage, adorned in judges gowns to bring Order! to Lincoln Hall. The high-energy opening track had the crowd hyped up immediately, spawning a mosh-pit that lasted throughout the entire concert.

Kangaroo Court made sure to keep the party going, rarely stopping to address the audience, instead, having each track flow seamlessly into each other; an easy task since the band ran into zero technical problems. However when the band did stop and talk, it was always to express their gratitude and get the crowd amped up for the next song.

The show was almost Adjourned after performing their debut album’s closing track, a semi-jazz inspired piano-based beat of the same name. While the song is slow-paced and sombre feeling on digital, the band presented the song live as if it was just another upbeat, heavy rock track.

After thanking the crowd for a great night, Kangaroo Court performed one last track, A Thousand Howdies–a song (currently) only available via YouTube. Initially played with acoustic guitars, the song was reworked to fit the style of their album. Although the classic folk feel that the original lyrics and instruments gave off was sadly lost in the psychedelic rock version. That’s not to say the track was bad, however. Rather, the band played the song with the same tenacity and passion as their other tracks, making the genre change unnoticeable to many.

If you’re a fan of King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizard or Tame Impala and on the lookout for new artists, catch Kangaroo Court at their next show at the Beat Kitchen, Chicago, on November 9!

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