Making Music Sweeter with Easy Honey: An Inside Look on the Band’s Headline Tour

photos and article by Niamh Nugent

Multicolored signs and posters captivate onlookers outside of Subterranean. Energy radiates from band members as they follow us to a quieter space where they will reveal the secrets behind their music.

Ending up in a coffee shop, we have the honor to interview band members from Easy Honey. Originating from Sewanee, TN, this indie rock band was created by guitarist and singer, Darby McGlone and Selby Austin. Sharing their same fascination for music, the band was joined by talented drummer, Charlie Holt. Later the ensemble was completed by Selby Austin’s younger brother, Webster Austin, a remarkable bassist and singer.  They tell us of their passions revolving around music; from this, they decided to follow their dreams by writing and recording songs on a CD to pass around to anyone who would listen.

The connection between bandmates could only be described as a family, and this bond is strengthened by the people they meet on tour. Webster shed light on their “traveling story” and how each city on their tour brings a compelling story and energy to their performance. Agreeing with his brother, Darby chimes in, “Whether you’re going to an EDM, classical, or indie rock concert, there’s some kind of coming together. The collective experience; it’s almost religious.”

While passion is a driving force in their work, Easy Honey strives to create art that appeals to listeners as well. They take inspiration from adored bands like The Strokes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Smashing Pumpkins.

As anticipation of the following concert rises, band members maintain a chillant attitude reassuring us of the magic the rest of the night would hold.

We returned to the venue and took a moment of clarity before revving up for the night. The once-empty room was soon to be bustling with music and memories.

The first opener of the night took the stage, entering from the crowd, fans lurched towards the stage, waiting in anticipation for the night to begin. The members of Northwest took the stage, electrifying the air with songs, “Divine Intervention,” and “Bail Bond.” This was only the start of a rock-filled night.

As each song continued, the audience stepped closer to the stage, danced a little more, and sang a little louder. The lead singer, Lukas Needham lit up the stage with his frenetic dancing and incredible guitar skills alongside his talented bandmates Blake Fletcher, Noah Bennett, and Dominic Sandefur.

After a small break, filled with necessary applause for the preceding act, The Back Alley was called to the stage. Members were followed by avid fans who pushed close to the front, waiting for what they knew was about to be a dynamic show. The energy only escalated when lead singer, Ralph Porter, descended from a spiral staircase at the back of the stage.  Continuing with flair, Porter, joined other band members Benjamin Peppler, Hunter Olshefke, Salvatore Defillipis, and Jaden Cone.

Concertgoers were electrified by the songs “Flower Girl,” “Why,” and “Rubber Band from The Back Alley. By the time they were finished with their phenomenal set, one could only yearn for more impressive and exciting music.

We feel the sense of interconnectedness they spoke about as Easy Honey makes their way onto the stage. They acknowledge us in the crowd, making us feel like part of their family. The cheers and encouragement settled as they opened with their most popular song, “Orbiter,” off their recent EP “Oooo,” 

Easy Honey continuously had the crowd in the palm of their hand with the deep bass of drums and spunky guitar riffs throughout. Playing songs “Wishes,” “Alright, Alright,” and “Steady in Vertigo,” their energy remained high as they interacted with one another and fans.

Watching the band perform was exhilarating, as they never once dipped in energy. They created fluid transitions that captivated the audience as they switched from song to song leaving no room to spare in showing their talents.

As the end of the night drew near, the energy continued and fans begged for an encore. The natural-born performers lit up the stage, figuratively and literally as they showcased their last song in front of a cascading light display.

Leaving the venue, our feet were buzzing from the bass, and our ears were ringing with delight. The only right action was to go home and listen to “Ooooo,” Easy Honey’s new EP, to reminisce on the magical night we just experienced.

Live music can be an enjoyable experience for all, and Easy Honey made it sweet to find passion in being a listener.

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